Elements basic equipment for the E70 Vision

  • Sensitive touch display with completely new operating concept for rapid and direct access to all important functions
  • Hygiene centre with integrated, removable adapters for instrument and suction hoses for time-saving, automatic cleaning and disinfection
  • Innovative suspended chair concept with new arm rests and load capacity of max. 180 kg
  • Dentist element features:
    • 5 instrument holders
    • Touch display
    • Motor control SMARTdrive INFORM TECHNOLOGY
    • 1 x triple function handpiece with supply hose, angled for T, straight for S
    • Spray heating for instruments
    • Holder for waste receiver
    • Set of norm trays
    • Non-slip mats, large and small
    • Swing arm, locking or
    • Swing arm, without locking
  • Assistant element features:
    • Touchpanel
    • 1 x spray mist ejector
    • Removable handpiece tray
    • 1 x saliva ejector
  • Unit body features:
    • Hygiene centre
    • Warm water boiler for tumbler filling
    • Spittoon manually-operated
    • External wet suction system
    • DVGW water block with germ reduction
    • Glass spittoon or
    • Porcelain spittoon
    • Standard cover or
    • Cover short (Basic package)
  • Patient chair features:
    • Suspended chair
    • Backrest Progress or
    • Backrest Comfort
    • Double-joint headrest with mechanical fixing clamp
    • Soft upholstery set including headrest upholstery

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