Elements basic equipment for the E30 Test

  • The KaVo ESTETICA E30 opens a new dimension of Dental Excellence: The essence of high KaVo quality, reliability and efficiency at affordable entry level pricing
  • Select from two lines of accessories: The Essential Line with high quality basic configuration and the Evolution Line for even higher demands
  • In less than 2 minutes, the KaVo ESTETICA E30 can be converted easily, as an option, from right to left and vice versa
  • Play it safe and rely on your KaVo ESTETICA E30 as “Made in Germany” quality
  • Modern patient communication with integrated intraoral camera and the KaVo monitors with HD resolution
  • Unique system software CONEXIO for direct access to all relevant patient data
  • Dentist element features:
    • 5 Instrument holders
    • 1 x triple function handpiece One
    • Motor control SMARTdrive INFORM TECHNOLOGY
    • Control element
    • Swing arm table with locking function or swing without locking
  • Assistant element features:
    • 1 x spray mist ejector
    • 1 x saliva ejector
    • Control element
  • Unit body features:
    • Chair mounted unit with fixed spittoon
    • Porcelain spittoon bowl
    • SD-card reader for software updates
    • Standard paint colour: dental white
    • Compact water block kit without DVGW, optionally with kit for water bottle (DVGW compliant)
    • Manual intensive germ reduction
    • (Venturi dry suction system)
  • Patient chair features:
    • Armrest left; no armrest with right/left-option
    • Backrest Progress
    • Double-jointed head rest with rotary control knob
    • Soft upholstery set including headrest upholstery

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