KaVo uniQa


Elements basic equipment for the KaVo uniQa

  • Modern, sporty and compact chair design for maximum ergonomics
  • Intuitive workflows and high user-friendliness thanks to the integrated hygiene system and the clear operating concept of the touch display
  • High diversity of variants for a individual configuration
  • Dentist element with:
    • Touchdisplay
    • Motor control SMARTdrive INFORM TECHNOLOGY
    • 5 Instrument holders
    • 1 x Triple function handpiece with supply tubing, angled for TM, T and C, straight for S
    • Tray holder for double norm tray with set of norm trays
    • Non-slip mats
    • Swing arm for S, locking or Swing arm without S, without locking
  • Assistant element with:
    • Capacitive touch display
    • Swing and height-adjustable (lenght: 50 cm)
    • 1x spray mist ejector
    • 1x saliva ejector
    • Removable handpiece holder
    • Selective support kit
  • Unit body with:
    • Hygiene centre
    • DEKAmat
    • External wet suction system
    • DVGW water block with intensive germ reduction
    • Spittoon manually operated
    • Porcelain spittoon or without patient element
    • Steel mounting plate
  • Patient chair with:
    • Backrest Progress
    • Double-jointed headrest with rotary control knob
    • Standard soft upholstery set including head cushion

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