PET Storage Bottles (Leakproof Cap)

PET Storage Bottles (Leakproof Cap)

(Corning - קורנינג)


  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles are ideal for storage and sampling of media, biologicals, and other aqueous solutions.
  • The PET resin makes the bottle lightweight, break-resistant and as transparent as glass.


  • Packaged in two convenient outer bags closed with a tied band and one shrink-wrapped tray to assure cleanliness.
  • Break-resistant bottles are an ergonomic and easy to handle alternative to glass
  • Bottles are sterilized to 10⁻⁶ SAL and nonpyrogenic
  • Leakproof performance validated against IATA standards, 31.7mm HDPE screw cap
  • Molded graduations for accurate measurements
  • USP class VI compliant bottles are validated non-cytotoxic and nonhemolytic

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