• CAS number 298-93-1
  • Molecular weight C18H16BrN5S = 414.3
  • Assay > 98 %
  • MTT is a water soluble salt of tetrazolium salt yielding a yellowish -solution when prepared in media or salt solutions lacking phenol red. By cleavage of the
  • tetrazolium ring by dehydrogenase enzymes, dissolved MTT is converted into insoluble purple formazan. This water insoluble formazan can be solubilized
  • using isopropanol or other solvents and the dissolved material is measured spectrophotometrically yielding maximum absorbance at 565 nm as a function
  • of concentration of converted dye.
  • Storage condition
  • Store at 2-8 °C
  • Soluble in water

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