• CAS number 369-07-3
  • Molecular weight C12H15NO8 = 301.3
  • Assay > 90 %
  • ONPG is a colorimetric and spectrophotometric substrate for detection of ß-galactosidase activity. ONPG is cleaved by ß-
  • galactosidase via hydrolysis at the ß-1-4-glycosidic bond be-tween 2-nitrophenol and galactose. The released 2-nitro-p-henol is
  • measured spectrophotometrically at 405 nm. The absorbance intensity at this wave-length is directly related to the specific activity.
  • Storage condition
  • Store dry at 2-8 °C
  • Soluble in water, DMSO and DMF
  • Protect from light and moisture

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